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What You Need To Know About Installing A Heat Pump

Heat pump installation is a challenging and complicated process that should be left up to a professional to complete. HVAC contractors cannot just disconnect some cables from your old unit, install a new one, reconnect the connections, and leave.
Amateur installers are unaware of the complexities and details that should be incorporated into a proper installation, resulting in a poorly installed heat pump. To save yourself from the hassle of spending thousands of dollars on energy bills over the life of your system, get in touch with our professionals.

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How is a Heat Pump Installed?

Below are some key steps involved in a heat pump installation process.

  • Before the Heat Pump Installation

A manual load calculation should be done to obtain the right-sized appliance. It’s a series of measures that encompass your home’s various attributes. It is not square footage. If an HVAC contractor considers square footage, there’s a good possibility you’ll end up with a system that doesn’t match your comfort needs and would result in constant AC repair Plant City.

  • Removing the Old Heat Pump

Your present heat pump includes refrigerant, which must be removed before installing a new one. A recovery machine and a recovery tank must securely extract the refrigerant from the preexisting heat pump.

Once the refrigerant has been retrieved, the electrical cable from the existing unit is unplugged. The power from the disconnect box is sent to the heat pump via a “whip” (elastic electric conduit). In addition, good HVAC companies repair the disconnect and the whip while replacing a heat pump to maintain system safety. When an old system lacks a disconnect box, safety rules mandate that a new one be installed with the new heat pump.

  • During the Installation

You should get a call or text message informing you that your installation team is on its way before they arrive. A good HVAC company will also send photos and profiles of the installation team operating at your home ahead of time. It adds an extra layer of security and comfort before a visitor enters your house.

The lead technician will go through the task details when they arrive with you. This package contains information on the equipment, accessories to be installed, and any special instructions you provide to the estimator before the sale.

  • Getting the Space Ready

In most circumstances, the existing heat pump position will require preparation before the substitute can be installed. This preparation work includes changing the pad on which the new heat pump will be installed.

The earth must be levelled before the new pad can be installed. Good HVAC contractors use a gravel base to level out or fill the area where the new heat pump will be installed. A hybrid pad is advised. The composite pad is intended to be installed outside and will last the life of the new heat pump.

In contrast to an air conditioner, a heat pump must be placed above ground level to keep the coils clear of snow and ice and to allow for appropriate drainage.


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