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AC Short-Cycling: What Is It & How Do I Fix It?

AC short-cycling is a common problem that can occur in air conditioning units. This issue can lead to a less efficient unit and higher energy bills. If you’re experiencing AC short-cycling, you may be wondering what causes it and how you can fix it. In this article, we’ll explore the causes of AC short-cycling and how our AC service and repair can help you fix it.

What Is AC Short-cycling?

AC short-cycling occurs when your air conditioning unit turns on and off too frequently. This means that instead of running a full cycle to cool your home to the desired temperature, your unit turns on and off quickly, making it less efficient and increasing your energy bills. This can also put extra strain on your system, leading to potential damage and the need for repairs.

What Causes AC Short-cycling?

There are several potential causes of AC short-cycling:

  • Improperly Sized AC Unit: An AC unit that’s too big or too small for the space it’s cooling can cause short cycling.

  • Dirty Air Filter: A clogged air filter restricts airflow, causing the AC unit to overheat and short-cycle.

  • Faulty Thermostat: A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the AC unit to turn on and off too frequently, leading to short cycling.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can cause the AC unit to overheat and short-cycle.

  • Damaged Compressor: A damaged compressor can cause the AC unit to short-cycle, as it’s unable to properly regulate the refrigerant flow.

How Can I Fix AC Short-cycling?

If you’re experiencing AC short-cycling, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem on your own. Firstly, check your air filter and replace it if necessary. Then, check the thermostat settings to make sure they’re accurate. If these steps don’t seem to help, however, it’s best to call a professional for AC service in Plant City, FL, and surrounding areas. At Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer comprehensive services that can help you diagnose the issue and get your system back on track. Reach us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you restore comfort in your home!

Why Choose Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating?

When you choose Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating for your AC repair in Plant City, FL, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality service and expertise. Our team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair any issue with your air conditioning unit, and we use only the highest quality parts and materials to ensure that your unit is operating efficiently.

We understand that AC problems can be frustrating and disruptive, which is why we offer fast and reliable service to get your unit up and running again as quickly as possible. We also offer competitive pricing and financing options to help you get the services you need at a price you can afford.

Let’s connect today to get started on your AC repair. We look forward to helping you restore comfort in your home!