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Commercial HVAC Services In Plant City, FL

Commercial HVAC Services In Plant City, FL and Surrounding Areas

Commercial HVAC Repair Services In Plant City, FL

Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating is here for your commercial HVAC services in Plant City, FL, needs. We offer expert, quality, and affordable air conditioning service and repair to address all your requirements. 

Our HVAC contractors have worked with all brands and heating and cooling systems models to provide superior service to our neighbors in Tampa Bay, Plant City, Dover, Seffner, Brandon, and neighboring areas. 

Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning in Plant City, FL.

Our technicians are competent and specially trained to handle large commercial heating and cooling equipment and pay close attention to the maintenance and service of these complex systems. We provide the following solutions for your needs:

  • Commercial HVAC Repair Plant City
  • Commercial HVAC replacement
  • Commercial HVAC maintenance
  • Commercial HVAC installation

Maintaining your commercial heating or air-conditioning system in Plant City, FL, should involve scheduling routine preventative maintenance at least twice a year. But don’t worry! Creamer Air is well versed in serving all your residential and commercial needs. 

Commercial HVAC Services Plant City FL | HVAC Repair Plant City

Energy-efficient Units

The key to controlling the cost and comfort of your home and business is energy efficiency. Today’s minimum efficiency standard as per the federal government is 13 seer.

Guaranteed Quality

You can depend on the Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating installation team to properly install your units and properly check to see if your unit is running smoothly. Our units come with a warranty and a limited labor warranty. We focus on a strict and proper installation process to ensure a trouble-free and long-lasting package unit for your needs.

HVAC Repair, Maintenance, Replacement & Installation Services

You can count on our seasoned technicians at Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating, where we have a trusted name in commercial HVAC services in Plant City, FL. 

Our Commercial HVAC Service Includes:

  • Ductless mini-split system installation
  • Air conditioning services for all brands and models are available
  • Packaged system installation
  • Rooftop unit installation
  • Chiller installation

Commercial Heating System Services in Plant City, FL

  • Heating Installation
  • Whole-house filter systems
  • Gas and electric heater installations
  • Thermostat inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Duct installations
  • Motor replacements
  • Preventive HVAC maintenance

Commercial AC Maintenance Agreements

With regular maintenance, small problems that can escalate over time can be prevented. It will ensure optimal performance of the air conditioner unit and keep the efficiency at par with the current norms, thus saving your money!

  • Reduce your bills
  • Reduce repairs
  • Comfortable indoors
  • Protect your investment
  • Long-lasting equipment

Contact us for experienced AC tune up in Plant City, FL.

Emergency Replacement

We assure you our tech team is available 24 hours for you. Even if you face a crisis in the middle of the night, you can always call on us for a replacement.

If you are looking for best AC company, then you can contact Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

Why Choose Us

• Fast and Flexible Service

Our specialists have excellent knowledge and expertise working with HVAC systems. We offer a quick and flexible service, whether you need a simple HVAC repair in Plant City, FL or a complete installation.

• We Respect Our Customers

We approach our service very professionally. Our techs are composed and modest. They never misbehave or steer the customers in any way.

• 100% Customer Satisfaction

Once our team arrives at your door, they give you all the details of their work and some advice on maintaining the system.

• Punctuality & Professionalism

We enjoy working for you when it’s convenient for you. After thoroughly understanding your situation, we will arrive at your door at the precise time you specify for HVAC repair in Plant City, FL.

• Experience & Expertise

All of our technicians have EFL certification. They have gone through the required licensing procedures to offer HVAC services. We’ve been providing trustworthy HVAC services since our beginning. So, we have acquired a practical understanding of every HVAC system available throughout this time. Our experts receive vital training that enables them to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.

• Trustworthy Prices

Since building trust with our clients is vital, we place a premium on providing excellent services that support that trust. We have years of experience in the HVAC industry, which is how we have successfully provided high-quality heating and air conditioning service.

• Creativity

No matter what services you need, such as an AC tune-up, we will always provide the most efficient answers to help you feel more comfortable. Our qualified experts can inspect your HVAC system, diagnose any problems, and make necessary repairs so you can enjoy many years of reliable and efficient heating and cooling.

At Creamer Air, we understand maintaining your business is hard work and requires commitment and dedication.

Reach us today for our commercial HVAC services and air conditioning in Plant City, FL. Contact us online or call (813) 986-1881.

Contact Us Today for Commercial HVAC Services In Plant City, FL and Surrounding Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common issues an HVAC technician will face are:

  1. Lack of maintenance
  2. Dirty filters
  3. Pilot or ignition problems
  4. Thermostat malfunctions
  5. Mechanical wear and tear
  6. Unusual furnace noises
  7. Blown fuses or tripped breakers
  8. A dirty condenser or evaporator coils
  9. Blower runs continuously
  10. Water leaks

Maintenance not only offers some advantages right away but also lessens the possibility of issues in the future. Everyone wants to ensure their HVAC system keeps them comfortable all year round. Regular maintenance by a skilled HVAC expert will contribute to achieving that goal.

Here are a few concrete advantages of regular maintenance plans.

  1. Reduced energy costs
  2. Reduced repair Costs
  3. Avoid disasters
  4. Longer equipment lifetime
  5. Improved air quality

The professionals carry out the following processes as part of an HVAC tune-up to get your system ready for the transition from colder to warmer and from warmer to colder weather:

  1. Checking the wiring, capacitors, relays, and contacts
  2. Ensuring the condensate drain is clean and running freely
  3. Examining the evaporator coil for cleanliness
  4. Condenser cleaning
  5. Maintaining the condition of the blades
  6. Lubricating the condenser fan motors

Florida's Building Code mandates that licensed HVAC professionals get a building permit to install, remove, or replace an air conditioning system. This license guarantees that your system is built correctly, circulates clean air inside, and effectively cools your house.

Most HVAC system manufacturers recommend you get your HVAC system heating and cooling components serviced once a year. It is recommended that homeowners service their heater and air conditioner in the spring and fall, respectively.

If you don't replace the AC filter regularly, it won't be able to adequately filter the air, allowing dust and other impurities to enter the air conditioner. The fan motors and valves in an AC become clogged with dust requiring frequent HVAC repairs in Plant City, FL. The HVAC system will be forced to work hard because of the restricted airflow.

Standard AC maintenance will take each unit around 20 to 30 minutes, chemical cleaning will take each unit at most 40 to 50 minutes, and a chemical overhaul of the AC will take about an hour per unit.