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Heat Pump Repair In Plant City, FL

Always keep your heat pump in decent condition with a heat pump repair Plant City, FL by Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating.

We make sure that our customers never need to compromise on their comfort. Your heat pump can be a lifesaver during unbearable temperatures. Want to know the purpose of a heat pump? Read below to learn more.

Functioning of Heat Pump

The heat pump circulates hot refrigerant during winter with the help of its compressor. In simple words, a heat pump traps the heat from outdoor sources and pumps it indoors.

An amazing fact about heat pumps is that it performs exactly the opposite during summer. Its energy efficiency, multiple purpose quality, and affordable price range are the things that make us install the heat pump in our house.

Because of these reasons, heat pumps have gained so much popularity. Being more energy efficient than a furnace, they are a good choice for the environment. There is no reason to say no to a heat pump installation.

Heat Pump Repair In Plant City, FL

The Signs that Indicate the Heat Pump Needs a Repair

Your heat pump will not work perfectly without maintenance, but it will work efficiently for a longer duration with our HVAC repair in Plant City. Repair your heat pump soon after you experience:

  • Inconsistent airflow
  • Exceeded energy consumption limit
  • Annoying sounds
  • Awful smell
  • High humidity level
  • Frequent off and on

heat pump repair Plant City, FL, will also be required when it is not working well and is within the warranty period. Or when your technician suggests repair after inspection. Repair is an essential step for the servicing of a heat pump.

Our Procedure for Heat Pump Repair

First of all, we will carefully check all the parts responsible for the efficiency of your heat pump. These parts include the thermostat, coil, fan, blowers, filters, and compressor.

If we find all these in good condition, we will inspect the power supply unit, drain lines to know whether it needs cleaning, heat pump’s airflow, electric wiring, etc. How old your heat pump is also matters.

After a complete inspection, we will provide the needed solution, which can be a minor repair or replacement. We will make sure to provide you with satisfactory solutions and results.

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