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AC Repair In Plant City, FL

AC Repair In Plant City, FL and Surrounding Areas

Common Air Conditioning Repair Services

AC Repair Plant City, Lakeland, Brandon, FL and Surrounding AreasLooking for air conditioner repair in Plant City, FL? Air conditioners have proven to be the most important component of our home’s system. It depreciates over time and will require maintenance. Homeowners should not overlook signs of repair and should instead contact our professionals. Call us today for the best AC repair in Plant City, FL, and Surrounding Areas.

Creamer Air Conditioning and Heating provides the greatest services in town. We strive to give high-quality AC repair in Plant City, FL. Our technicians are always available to evaluate and diagnose the problem to minimize the inconvenience.

Some of the Common AC Repair issues are:

  • Freon Leak Detection: This is a fairly common type of air conditioning repair. When the refrigerant is unable to chill the air inside the house, it begins to leak. The loss of Freon limits the cooling capacity of the house. As soon as our technicians diagnose the leak, they will be able to repair it.
  • Breakdown: Air conditioning units are continuously used during the summer and require maintenance to perform properly. The equipment frequently fails to owe to a lack of maintenance and lubrication.

    We offer quick and accurate AC repair diagnoses to provide our customers with utmost satisfaction in less time.

  • Short Cycling: Air conditioners often start to cycle on and off, and the cooling effect falls. This is called “short cycling.” There can be varying reasons behind it, like, excessive load on the unit, dirty filters, etc.
    Our technicians are EFL certified and well qualified for AC repair in Plant City, FL.
  • Low Cooling Capacity: This normally occurs when a circuit breaker is tripped, causing the fan to shut down. There could be other causes, such as frozen coils, dirt accumulation, or a damaged capacitor.

    Best AC company. will assist you in determining the source and quickly resolving the problem

Every commercial and residential building needs an appropriate ventilation and drainage system to maintain indoor air quality. 

If you’re searching for air conditioner repair in Plant City, FL, look no further than Creamer Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been repairing air conditioners for over 30 years, and our track record of customer satisfaction speaks for itself. There are many reasons to choose us for air conditioner repair in Plant City, FL.

Why Choose Us?


Small things play an essential role in building massive things. Our company’s policy is to always adhere to deadlines.

A Plan for Success

Every project is incomplete without efficient and full-proof planning. Our experts devise strategies to finish the services at a scheduled time. 

Experts Only

We house all the experts and professional technicians in our team. We hire the technician after training and testing the skills.


We provide our technician team with high-tech equipment and accessories and charge honest pricing from our customers. 

Rigorous system checks

Our technicians will thoroughly check your system, identify the concerns, and provide you with the most effective solutions thereby.

The Broad Expanse of Our Services

We provide quality and affordable services in Plant City, FL, and surrounding areas. If you want to fix any HVAC problems in these areas, you can contact us.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Your comfort and health are our priority, and we would never do anything to risk it. Your satisfaction and happiness motivate us to put everything into our jobs.  Our job is to preserve your comfort and provide a convenient environment to help your business reach new heights. 

Affordable Rates

We’re air conditioner repair experts were a family-owned business no matter what your air conditioner repair needs are, we’re sure that we can help. So contact us today. We look forward to serving you! Our company provides top-quality HVAC services and  AC repair in Plant City, FL at affordable rates. You can count on our technicians to offer the best-in-class services at the best prices.

Customer value

We offer affordable air conditioner repair rates without sacrificing quality or service. In addition, we provide preventative maintenance plans to keep your air conditioner running all year smoothly. Creamer Air Conditioning and Heating is the best choice for air conditioner repair in Plant City, FL.


Our air conditioner repair technicians have years of experience repairing all makes and models of air conditioners. We’re confident that we can find a solution to your air conditioner problem, no matter how big or small it may be. Customer Satisfaction We’re not happy until you.

Thorough System Check-up

At Creamer Air Conditioning and Heating, we don’t just fix the problem. We find the source. Our air conditioner repair technicians will thoroughly check your air conditioner to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. This includes checking the coils, Freon levels, compressors, and more. In addition, we provide preventative maintenance plans to keep your air conditioner running all year smoothly. Emergency service We know that air conditioner problems can happen at any time.

We highly recommend giving Creamer Air Conditioning and Heating a call if you live in the Plant City, FL area and need air conditioning service in Plant City, FL. They have years of experience repairing all makes and models of AC units, and they offer free estimates to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. So don’t suffer through another Florida summer without air conditioning – call 813-986-1881 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Repairing a broken AC or  AC repair in Plant City, FL can take anywhere from an hour to more than 4 hours. It depends on the extent of the damage and the type of AC. If the AC is old, repairing the damage might take more time since professionals have to be extra careful. The larger the damage, the more time it will take to repair the AC. 

No. Generally, technicians wait until the rain stops and then proceed to repair the AC. The outdoor component of an AC can be difficult to repair during rain due to excess moisture retention. Also, there's the danger of working with electrical appliances near water. Contact services providing AC repair in Plant City, FL to check out your options.

If the AC is not working properly even after servicing, contact air conditioner services to inspect the AC properly and find out the problem. Many times, ACs that get clogged cannot efficiently cool the house. In such a case, change the air filters of the AC or replace them.

It isn't advisable to repair your AC yourself. Although you can check for the problems or damages, a skilled technician is necessary to repair the AC properly. If you don't have enough expertise, you might end up damaging the AC more than before. A technician can find out the exact cause of the problem and other damages to the AC if there are any.

If you suspect that your AC is not working or not cooling effectively, or if there's a leak, you need to turn off your AC immediately and call services providing air conditioner repair in Plant City, FL. There might be a serious issue, such as leakage of harmful chemicals.

Although you may set your home's temperature as per your preference, the ideal home temperature is usually from 72°F to 78°F. It provides comfort along with efficient usage of energy.

Some of the reasons causing the air conditioner to stop working are, 

  • The thermostat batteries are dead
  • There is an issue with the fuse 
  • The filter is clogged 
  • There's a problem with your condenser or compressor,
  • The unit is too old
  • There's a leak in the ducts

Here are some other common problems related to air conditioner repair in Plant City, FL

  • Loud noise while operating.
  • Inefficient services.
  • Water leakage due to clogged condensate drain. 
  • Thermostat issues.
  • AC fuse or electrical problems. 

It is best to call the technician for the AC system maintenance biannually, but it is perfect even if you call the AC repair technician once a year.

If you find that your AC system is running but not cooling, most probably the problem lies: 

  • The thermostat settings are in fan mode. 
  • Dusty air filters and condenser coils have blocked and reduced the heat exchange. 
  • Frozen evaporator coils. 
  • Malfunctioning of the blower fan and motor. 
  • Issues in the airflow pressure.

According to the experts in air conditioner repair in Plant City FL, the reasons could be: 

  • Compressor failure 
  • Refrigerant depletion 
  • AC fuse tripped down 
  • Condenser coils issues 

There are no issues in using the AC system without scheduling maintenance services, but after a few years, the AC system will develop problems that will fetch expensive repair bills.

It is vital to replace the HVAC filters every three months because the disposable fibreglass filter efficiency decreases after every wash.

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