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Top 5 HVAC Repair Problems You Should Know!

An HVAC appliance that works throughout the year might develop multiple problems due to excessive running. Some of these common problems require immediate HVAC repair service. If you happen to reside in Plant City or the surrounding areas, and are in need of professional HVAC services, contact Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating.

An efficiently maintained heat pump could serve you for up to 15 years. However, if the system doesn’t get enough maintenance, it can break down at any point, and you might need to schedule a heater replacement service too early.

Top Five HVAC Repair Problems that You Should Know!

Our AC repair Plant City advise homeowners to pay attention to the HVAC systems for any potential signs of damage. The earlier you find the issues, the less problematic it will be for you in the long run. Here are some of the top five problems that you may come across:

• Dirty Air Filters

The air filters help you breathe fresh air inside your home. These filters require cleaning or replacement every three months, at least because they get dirty. Using a dirty air filter for so long can impact the HVAC system’s functioning. Moreover, the indoor atmosphere becomes uncomfortable and affects your health.

Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating is a professional air conditioning service Plant City who can assist you with your AC needs and requirements. Contact us without delay.

• Malfunctioning Thermostat

It is essential to replace the batteries because the thermostat may not function optimally if the batteries are about to go. Sometimes, failing to exact recalibration leads to temperature fluctuation across your house. If you are interested in upgrading your comfort, contact our HVAC contractors in Plant City, FL, to switch to a smart thermostat.

• Improper Airflow

Nothing is more inconvenient than the improper airflow from the HVAC system. At this point, you must inspect several things:

  1. Thermostat setting.
  2. The air filter condition.
  3. The condition of the ducts.
  4. The refrigerant level in the system.

If you didn’t find out the root cause, it would be wise to contact our professional AC repair service in Plant City at the earliest.

• Loud Operating Noises

An HVAC system doesn’t make loud noise during its operation. If you have to tolerate the system’s sound during its operation, it is a sign the HVAC system has issues.

If you are not a professional, it can be hard to recognize the noises and understand what is wrong with your system. The rattling noise indicates the frail condition of the motor, blower, and compressor. Screeching might ensue when the belts have worn out. When such a condition arises, it would be wise to contact our expert HVAC contractor Plant City, FL.

• The Unresponsive HVAC System

An HVAC system becomes unresponsive at times. However, you can inspect several things before you call for an expert.

In any situation, always turn off the power to the system. You can start with the circuit breaker and look for any flipped switch. You can also inspect the condition of the thermostat battery. If you find any discrepancy, try to fix the issues following the system’s user manual. If the problem persists, you should contact Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating as we are a reliable air conditioning service provider in Plant City.


For expert HVAC repair in Plant City, trust us. Contact Creamer Air Conditioning & Heating to resolve your HVAC issues so that you can sleep in a comfortable environment. Our top-notch HVAC service will leave you satisfied. Call us to get all the HVAC services at an affordable price today. Call us at 813-986-1881 to schedule an appointment.